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            Diploma Education
            The company has established a joint training program with a number of domestic universities to train master and doctor of engineering. More than 50 doctors and masters of engineering have been trained in famous universities, such as China University of science and technology, Beihang, Nanhang, and Nantong.
            Occupation Development
            The company attaches great importance to the career planning of employees. The company has a reasonable performance evaluation system and a variety of talent incentive mechanisms to provide employees with sufficient space for development and promotion.
            Job skills training
            The company provides training courses according to job requirements and personal needs of employees, and conducts training on basic knowledge, professional skills, management ability, quality development, etc. for R & D, production, management and other personnel.
            Induction training for new employees
            During the internship period, new employees receive three-level off-site paid training: Institute, company and department; the company assigns mentors to new employees and gives them work and life guidance.
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